About Me

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Hi, I’m Amy

I’m a freelance legal copywriter specializing in providing timesaving, professional services to law firms in England and Wales. I live in Chesterfield, Derbyshire, which is a beautiful market town near the Peak District. With my background as a qualified solicitor since 2009 and my passion for writing, I am confident that I can offer unique and skilled copywriting services to the legal industry. When I founded WritsWell in 2022, I wanted to convey my services specifically tailored for the legal profession – writing pieces that will help law firms appear as experts in online searches, so potential clients take action and contact their law firm over competitors.

I chose the name WritsWell – ‘writ’ in archaic meaning is a piece of writing, and ‘well’ symbolizes the quality of the work I provide.  The name is also a reference to the legal content type of services I offer because lawyers are familiar with writs as legal documents. The addition of ‘well’, meanwhile, reflects my commitment to providing superior quality work that law firms can depend on to help them stand out from competitors and win over new clients.

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What we do

At WritsWell, we strive to provide quality work that achieves objectives, maintaining your brand identity, adhering to deadlines, and taking extra measures to ensure no plagiarism and compliance with professional standards. You can trust that I will deliver your project on time, just as I am used to providing excellent client service as a solicitor. Check out my portfolio and testimonials to further explore my work. You can learn more about me from my LinkedIn page.

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My Story

My origin story is rooted in Northern Ireland, where I was born, educated, and began my legal career. Growing up on a farm, I decided to pursue a professional job over one that was physically laborious, and that’s when my dream of becoming a solicitor was born. I was determined to succeed, even when my school careers advisor doubted me. With the help of my supportive parents and my husband, I eventually achieved my dream of becoming a qualified solicitor. My professional journey has been a challenging one, but I am grateful for the sacrifices and support I received along the way. Despite the obstacles and difficulties, I persevered and never gave up. It’s this same determination and commitment that I bring to my work at WritsWell. I hope that you will agree with my clients who have called WritsWell the perfect blend of legal knowledge, professional writing, and exceptional customer service.