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Boost Your Brand with Well-Written Words

WritsWell produces quality and compliant written content or copy that saves you time and money by not having to allocate such tasks in-house, allowing you and your staff to continue with their own specialist work.

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How we can help you

Need a specialist copywriter to write copy for your law firm?

WritsWell will deliver professional content for your law firm’s website from legal articles, blogs, downloadable guides, social media posts etc. that will engage with your ideal clients and persuade them that you are the law firm they need to contact and instruct to solve their legal problems. 

As a specialist legal copywriting service that understands your business and your client’s requirements, WritsWell will take all the pressure of you in creating compelling content to generate new conversions.

Our Services

Web Content

Website Content

Producing content that is appealing and capturing your online visitor’s attention quickly. Communicating clearly the benefits of using your services and converting those visitors into clients.

Articles & Blogs

Articles & Blogs

Well-written blogs and articles will boost your search engine optimisation (SEO) establishing your law firm as experts in your services and making your website more discoverable to potential clients.

Social Media Posts WritsWell

Social Media Posts

Using a variety of social media will promote your brand to a wider audience and demonstrate your law firm is current and has experts ready to be contacted to solve their legal problems.

About Me

I’m Amy Webb, a freelance legal copywriter specializing in providing timesaving, professional services to law firms in England and Wales. I live in Chesterfield, Derbyshire, which is a beautiful market town near the Peak District. With my background as a qualified solicitor since 2009 and my passion for writing, I am confident that I can offer unique and skilled copywriting services to the legal industry. When I founded WritsWell in 2022, I wanted to convey my services specifically tailored for the legal profession – writing pieces that will help law firms appear as experts in online searches, so potential clients take action and contact their law firm over competitors.

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